Introduction to WishFunda & Why us?

1) What is WishFunda?

- WishFunda is a marketplace for wishful experiences, which are enjoyable and enriching at the same time. We offer curated Experiences which are unique and not available on any other platform.

From unique experiences and offerings with the local professionals to the celebrated and applauded Experts (Experts) of their specific domains. One can engage with Artist, musicians, chefs, photographers, designers and others who inspire shared interests.

2) Who is the target Audience of WishFunda?

- Anyone and Everyone who wants a taste

3) Why should I be a part of WishFunda?

Reach new customers for free. Also, marketing team will be working relentlessly to increase your customer reach via online and offline mediums, thereby helping your business grow. We are one of kind professional experience providing platform with unique listings.

4) What kind of experiences should I offer?

We encourage you to use your creativity and offer an unique way for our Customer to spend their free time doing what they love or are interested in. The experiences that we list under our portfolio usually involve either time spent with an expert in their field or a unique opportunity you can’t find anywhere else, which could include special access or an insider perspective. 

Becoming an Expert on WishFunda

1) How do I register as an Expert on WishFunda?

- Once in contact with the team of WishFunda, we understand your offerings as a professional and curate an unique experience around it. The details of the Experience and the pricing is decided by you. our team may assist you in the process.

-Once the listing is confirmed, our team will come down to your decided venue and time to have firsthand Experience of the listed details of your offerings, if satisfied on all fronts the experience would be a part of the WishFunda portfolio.

(Provided all the necessary documentation are provided.)

2) How many experience's can an Expert offer?

- there is no restriction on the number of experience listings , as long as they are unique and fulfill the WishFunda norms. Expert with more number of listings will have better exposure is what we feel. 

-And don't forget its free to register yourself as a Expert and list your Experiences!

- WishFunda doesn't charge any upfront fee, so the listing and registration is free.

-you will receive 80% of your total sales price and WishFund charges a fee every time you sell your listed experience of 20%. This fee covers marketing your listings, upkeep of our platform, operational support, and payment related fees. 

3) Details about the Experience Listing?

- Display Name

You can make your display name either for yourself or your business. We generally recommend making it your business name if you are selling the experience through your business and yourself if you're acting as an individual, but as long as it matches your listings you may go with your preference.

- About you

The details should give the End User/ Customer a sense of your qualifications, experience, and expertise. You should explicitly talk about any accolades, awards, training, or education that you would want potential buyers to know. This will help establish your credibility and make your listing more appealing.

- Display Picture of the listing & the Expert Picture

Your photo is how you represent yourself and your experience on WishFunda. Choose a well lit, professional-looking photo.

4) What makes an Experience Unique to be a part of WishFunda portfolio?

- in order for us to list your experience under our portfolio, we need it to be exclusive to our site that can't be easily purchased directly from you or from another website. 

Some Examples of Unique vs Non-Unique Experiences for WishFunda:-

 - Unique:

 Small private classes or tours that are only available as large group offerings elsewhere (i.e. offering a class for 1 or 2 people that is normally only available for groups of 12)

 Exclusive behind-the-scenes for WishFunda Customers.

 An in-house cooking class or dining experience, where the chef comes to the guest.

 A workshop where guests receive 1-on-1 time with the instructor/professional doing what interests them. (scuba diving, phototgraphy, pottery,etc)

 Insider access to a location that is not open to the public.

 Experience occurs in an unusual location (yoga on a rooftop, painting in a park, kickboxing in open)

 Experiences at businesses that do not offer classes to the public (for example: a restaurant offering a cooking class with their head chef or a flower shop offering floral arrangement classes, customise your own shoe in a designer shoe shop,etc)

- Not Unique:

 A standard exercise or yoga class taught in a studio.

 Identical classes or tours to ones you offer on your website.

 Something material, rather than experiential (for example: providing food or refreshments during a class is not unique)

We encourage you to think outside the box and consider what can make your WishFunda experience truly unique & special for your guests!

5) What are the points to remember while listing the details of an experience?

- before every Experts experience is listed on our platform or made part of our portfolio , is first judged on the below parameters:

a) A unique experience that guests can’t find elsewhere

b) Ideally priced at an economical range.

c) Allows minimum group sizes of 1 or 2 guests

d) Leaves nothing unanswered for the customer

e) High-quality photos and video that highlight the experience

f) Luminary’s expertise is highlighted

Listings that won't be approved if:

 Provides a service rather than an unique experience, such as spa treatments or travel,etc.

 Virtual or online experiences

 Experiences where it is not clear what the guest will experience

 Price doesn’t match the value

 Ticket resellers

 Experience is against Federal Law (no alcohol license, drug-related)

 Fitness classes that are not private or take place in a studio

6) Need help with Inputs of listing an experience in detail?

a) Unique and Exclusive to WidhFunda:

- If you sell your experience on another website or personally in market as an individual or a company, we require that your WishFunda listing includes a unique component exclusive for our guests that can’t be found elsewhere.

b) Pricing of the experience should justify its Value:

-  Consider whether what you’re providing justifies the price. Does it match the fair market value of similar experiences? Is it very clear what is included for the price? Does the price cover your costs? 

- Make sure that the pricing appeals to masses or wider audience.

c) Try and keep minimum size of people required for the experience:

- Allow 1 or 2 people for your experience. as we feel they are more likely to sell.

- one can also list experience requiring bigger group size.

c) Make sure you have answered every doubt of the Buyer in the details of the Experience:

- The listing should engage people, make them excited to buy it.

- Describe your experience using compelling language to paint a picture in the customer's mind of what they can expect on the experience. This will be the main description that tells the story of your experience, so be sure to answer the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of your experience.

Who is this experience for? Who will be leading the experience? Who should buy it? (age range, experience level, foodies, avid crafters, etc). 

What will guests do on the experience? What will they learn? What willthey get to take home? What is included and what is not included?

When does it take place? When is the best time to go on theexperience? (Can only take place at night, during good weather, etc)

Where does it take place? Where should guests meet you?

Why is it unique? Why should guests buy it? Why should guests buy it from you specifically? (mention your merits, awards and certifications !)

d) High-quality photos and video that highlight the experience

Photos: Listings with high-quality, well-lit photos of people engaging in the experience sell more often. Include 3-4 high-quality images.

Videos: Experiences with short, high-quality, and relevant videos .

e) Experts Expertise or Background:

- Include your certifications, no. of years of experience you have in your field of business . Mention your merits related to the field. Highlight what makes you special as this is a key selling point of the experience.

7) Can I edit the listed Experience?

- Only minor tweaks that clarify info rather than change the experience will be accepted.

- If you need to make any major changes, one can discuss with the WishFunda team and check for possibilities.

8) Details related to listing an event or workshop with WishFunda?

- There is a set format in which the events/workshps will be listed on the website.

-the professional/ organiser needs to provide us with the details as per the format.

- we would only be involved with the sell of the tickets through our platform.

- this feature is available only for the collaborated Experts.



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