1) What happens after i book an experience online?

- once you have successfully paid for the experience/booking, the wishfunda customer service team will help you with the experience delivery date by coordinating with the expert.

- you will be intimated via email regarding the confirmation or denial of the booking request.

2) Is my experience available to schedule any day?

- yes, we would consider your preferred date and communicate it to the expert. However, the final date of experience delivery will be as per mutual convenience factor.

3) Do i need to have a certain level of expertise to participate in an experience?

- please refer to the details and fine print of the experience for any expertise required. If you have any particular concerns or questions, please contact wishfunda customer support team.

4) Can i change the nuber of attendees/ no. of people in the group post purchase of the experience?

- if there is any change in the no. of attendees or the group size please contact the customer support team on "[email protected]"

- if the attendees are less in number with respect to the earlier booking details, wishfunda will not provide with any kind of refunds.

- in case there are more number of attendees make sure to contact the wishfunda customer support team at "[email protected]"

5) What if i need to cancel my scheduled experience?

- the wishfunda team will try and get you a reschedule of the experience, but we do not assure you of any such thing.

- there will be no refunds in this case. ( refer to the fine print of the experience)

6) Can i ask expert for an autograph or take pictures with them?

- wishfunda team will provide you with some photographs of the entire experience as per the policy of the company.

- we will inform you regading the same before the experience as per the experts comfort level. We hope you follow the basic civic decorum when at the experience delivery venue.

7) what currency do use use?

- wishfunda pricing uses inr (indian rupees).

8) I received this experience as a gift, how do i schedule it?

- contact the customer support team with your gift card details.

- we shall help you with choosing the experience.

9) can i gift an experience to somebody?

- you can gift by choosing a agift card from the various options listed on the website and fill up the other details as mentioned on the website.

- if there is a particular experience that you want to gift contact us on [email protected] post the payment of the gift card is successful.

10) If I need any modifications or customisations in the experience, how do i convey it?

- One cannot ask for added customisations if not mentioned in the experience details.

But if there are preferences as asked in the experience details, we will be providing you with a form where we take down all your requirements. If there are any other requirements that you require you contact the customer support team via mail the [email protected]

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